Security Guard 10 (Mark Harrell) bites it.

Thanks to everyone involved and everyone that supported us in the making of PMS COP. Principle photography is complete and now we will begin post-production.

I’ve met a lot of great people during the making of this horror movie and made some new friends. For some it was the first full feature that they worked on and others were veterans to indie budget movies. They all put in 100% to make the best flick possible. I can’t say thanks to them enough and we all are looking forward to releasing this crazy movie.

We are going to try to put together a wrap party over the next few weeks and I’ll let everyone know when and where we have the premiere.

We are going to be looking for someone to do the music score so if you know of someone interested, please have them contact me through the site. Thanks again to all of you and see you at the premiere!

Bryon Blakey