PMS COP will be a grindhouse style movie. It will be shot with 2 HD cameras, 24 frames per second and wide screen. We are expecting a direct to video release. We will also be taking it to film festivals. Due to its high concept hook, we are expecting a good response from the public.

All actors and crew involved will be added to the PMS COP page. It has not been created yet, but will be as soon as the movie has been completed. Also, every movie that we have ever worked on gets finished. So, no worries that your efforts will be wasted.

This is a low-budget endeavor so any help with locations and props would be most appreciated. Any props or wardrobe used will be returned to you as soon as that portion of the movie is complete.

Promotion: You are welcome and encouraged to take behind the scenes photos and video and post them to social networks and websites. Please attach a link to the website so that people will know where to get more information about it.

Schedule: The schedule will be posted on the website 2 weeks in advance of shooting. There will also be a tentative long term schedule listed. Let me know if a scheduled day is on a day of something you can’t get out of. We are hoping to wrap this movie in about 2 months. But, it may go over a bit.

Lighting: The lighting style we are going for on PMS COP is a film noir style. We are using 3 redhead dimmable lights. Shadows are as important on this shoot as the lighting. We will be using lighting cookies (cucaloris) a lot to paint blank walls and give the shots more depth.

Sound: During principle photography we will only be recording dialog. So actors should, if possible, wear soft-soled shoes. And try not to speak dialog while a noise is happening. This will give us a clean dialog track for the movie and Aaron Everett will head up the foley effects in post-production.

Wardrobe: We will be using NTSC safe colors for wardrobe. Try to stay away from brighter colors. This will have a derogatory effect on the overall look of the movie.

Props: On the website there is a page entitled “Stuff We Need” ( I will be posting all of the props for upcoming scenes that we are needing. Any help in procuring these items would be greatly appreciated.

Locations: I will be posting notices on the “Stuff We Need” page for locations as well.

Actors: I have a list of requests for actors for this movie. This will keep the overall style of the movie consistent. Some of you may know these, but we are working with a wide range of skill levels.

1. Please don’t face the camera directly. Always try to tilt your body one way or the other unless otherwise directed.

2. Please comfortably tilt your head to the side or forward slightly to eliminate the uptight look. Unless otherwise directed.

3. Please use your lower, movie voice whenever possible. Sound will do every thing in their power to capture your dialog. Also, when screaming, attempt to do it without peaking out the microphones. I understand that sometimes it won’t work, but with practice you will help sound out tremendously. We can loop it if necessary in post, but better to get it on location.

4. Please develop your characters. This movie is a little over the top so have fun with it. All Security Guards and Lab Techs will be individually identifiable.

5. Please practice your characters in front of a mirror.

6. When the camera is close to your face, use smaller movements and expressions. When camera is further away, use larger movements and facial expressions. If you are not sure, just ask about the framing of the shot.

7. Less experienced actors can ask questions from the more experienced.

Parties: Most importantly, we plan to have a wrap party and a premiere party after the theater premiere. Can’t wait!

Thanks to everyone involved. Lets have fun and make a great picture,

Bryon Blakey