Wow, we are a third of the way done with principle photography. We now have a great pharmacy location that I will be highlighting here soon. There is one more scene that needs to be shot outside the pharma company, but then the rest of PMS COP will be shot in one location.

I want to thank the awesome cast and crew for the efforts they have put in so far. The footage looks great and the acting is great. I’ve done a rough edit of the Clown Rapist scene and it is very creepy.

Last night we had a meeting with the Lab Techs and Security Guards to develop characters and make arrangements for their wardrobe. We also had time to give them a tour of the huge building. Thanks to everyone that attended. Can’t wait to start shooting their scenes, they are a great bunch of people.

We’ve got more to do, but so far it’s going better than we could have hoped for. Can’t wait to show everyone the finished product at the premier.

A note to cast and crew. You are more than welcome to use behind the scenes photos and video to help promote the movie. Please include a link to the movie site, so your audience will know where to find us for more updates.

Thanks again to everyone involved and our great fans,

Bryon Blakey

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